Chemical dosing systems

MANVIA provides fully customized services such as conceptual design, design engineering (FEED), detailed engineering, installation, piping and commissioning services to be able to offer turnkey chemical dosing systems for chlorine, sodium hydroxide, etc. ... and other dangerous and non-hazardous chemical compounds.

Injecting a small dose of liquid or gas into a process to alter its chemical balance is a common control challenge for the power generation, water treatment, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the design, engineering and installation of chemical dosing systems / solutions in independent cabinets, dosing skids, systems housed in booths:

• Packaged measurement and dosing (thus facilitating mechanical / electrical dosing of dosing pumps)

• Instrumentation solutions for flow, pressure, level detection measurements, etc ...

• Analytical integration providing controlled solutions of pH, turbidity, disinfection, etc.

• Control solutions: double, triple, integral proportional derivative (PID) validation, etc.

• Complete SCADA packages, "dashboard profiling", facilitates telemetry solutions on board

• Integration of chemical dosing systems into new or existing analysis equipment supplied by third parties

• Grease traps, filtration, tanks and tanks including alarms and integral level control

• Execution in pipe of different materials, such as polypropylene, PVDF, PTFE and stainless steel